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Dreaming About...

So where do you start? I’m hosting a question and answer session about how I got started with my private practice, the Fredericksburg Relationship Center. Click here for info regarding the next Q&A event. Does a name matter? What’s your reason for starting a private practice? Should you take out a loan? Should you start Read More

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Private Practice...

I hope you can join us. Premium members are free. Since your account has been upgraded to the premium level, you are invited to join us for a private practice Q&A session on Zoom. Topic: Private Practice Q & A Time: Aug 30, 2019, 01:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada) Register here for your Read More

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Don’t Get...

My First Year Cost Me Every website needs great photos to draw attention and attract clients. During my first year of private practice, I received a fine for copyright infringement. I made a rookie mistake. Like many do-it-yourselfers, I just did a Google search to find some pictures to post on my website.  It was Read More

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The Counseling...

Celebrate Multiculturalism Counselors of Color is a new online lead generation directory for mental health providers.  We provide a niche directory for clients to search for the mental health professional of their choice. Our distinct platform does not shy away from multiculturalism as one of many unique selling points for your practice.  We believe ethnicity and heritage should Read More

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Why Are You Doing...

Below is a recent email reply (edited) for a new member that forced me to become clear regarding my passion and motivation for Counselors of Color. Why Member:  “By the way, why are you doing this for free, if you don’t mind me asking?” Me:  Great question! It’s not entirely for free.  We do have Read More

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Cultural Awareness...

Sadly, many therapists and counselors do not have cultural awareness nor make the effort to become culturally competent. Counselors of Color is my effort of curating cultural competencies in one place. Thank you, John Doe. I appreciate your authenticity and hope you consider listing your facility. We need therapists that are willing to put their convictions into actions.

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Where Are All The...

Men At Work I look around at the conferences I attend and see that men are underrepresented in the mental health profession. According to, men make up about 23 percent of the mental health field. It’s even less if you specifically look at marriage and family therapists at 15% and social workers at 19%. Read More

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I Resisted The...

My Niche Found Me I didn’t want to be known as the “black” therapist.”While my caseload is very diverse, a self-select niche has found me.  They’ve sought me because I’m a black male therapist.  I’m the only Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist that is an African- American man for a 50-mile radius.  Since I wanted Read More

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Clients Look For...

Comfort Zone   I was once stationed overseas in Germany.  I learned an invaluable lesson of self-awareness and connections.  Like many soldiers, I was initially scared to leave the comfort of the military base.  I eventually left the station and started to explore the local community.  In the beginning, when I left the comfort of the Read More

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I Didn’t...

I did not fully appreciate being black until I married someone white and started to have children. I thought I knew what it meant to be black and proud.  I didn’t; I was wrong.  To fit into white American culture, I knew how to dress the part.  I only knew how to compare myself to what Read More

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Counselors of Color will not shy away from race or ethnicity.  For many of us, it is our world.  Therefore, we aim to highlight and promote those differences; not from a place of inferiority or supremacy.  However, from a place of self-acceptance.  

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