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The Counseling World Needs A Little More Color

Celebrate Multiculturalism

Counselors of Color is a new online lead generation directory for mental health providers.  We provide a niche directory for clients to search for the mental health professional of their choice. Our distinct platform does not shy away from multiculturalism as one of many unique selling points for your practice.  We believe ethnicity and heritage should be celebrated rather than minimized.
Counselors of Color is open to all counseling professionals.  We encourage people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and countries of origin.  List the multiple languages spoken in your office.


Our primary goal is to help clients find the resources they need; you.  Clients are looking for you.  Help them find you.  You can’t serve your community if they don’t know you exist. Believe it or not, clients do look for providers they are most comfortable with; whether it be language or looks.  Comfort helps to bridge the gap and build rapport.
Another important goal is to help you expand the reach of your practice.  You can do that by listing your practice or facility by signing up here.



Thanks to you and your feedback, we found a way to make the site free.  All we ask in return is your feedback for working out the bugs.  Help us to improve and enhance the site.

Thanks for letting us help you and for you helping us.  Let grow something together.


“The counseling world needs a little more color.  Help us populate and grow Counselors of Color.”

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