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We have a vested interest in your success.  When you succeed, we succeed.



Directory Listing

We provide a place for you to introduce yourself to your community and highlight your facility.  Clients like to work with people they can relate to, like, and trust.  We are visual creatures.  Your image speaks volumes.  We have space on our servers for you to include a friendly, approachable photo of yourself and your facility.  You can even add a video of yourself or a short presentation.


Listing Review and Analysis

How searchable is your listing?  We strive to make sure that our services are relevant and provide value to your bottom line and success.  We review each listing and multimedia for search-ability.  You can’t serve your community if you can’t be found.  We want your listing to rank high for your local area for search engine optimization.  You can even add your website link which helps to improve the SEO rating for the sites you own.


Practice Building Tips

The practice building section is for members only.  It’s a section for providers to download files, forms and relevant information for building and growing your practice.  We want you to be successful.  When you’re successful, we’re successful.


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