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3 years ago Clients , Providers

Cultural Awareness From A New Friend

  Throughout our American history, there have been countless white people that have been willing to give a helping hand. They have gone out on the limb for minorities, people of color, and immigrants.  It’s far too easy to overlook or minimize their contributions.  It’s too simplistic and easy to adopt a polarized view of people and categorize people.  We must develop cultural awareness as all people are not the same.  People are people.  As a person of color, it would be easy for me to be resentful and close myself off to people that do not look like me.  I have since learned that I must be willing to see the heart and motivation of others that genuinely want to help. They efforts to assist in many forms to those of us that come from underprivileged communities. 

  I recently spoke with someone that helped me reaffirmed my goals and dream for Counselors of Color.  It was a powerful moment for me.  At the end of our dialogue, I said to myself, “He gets it.”  Below is a snippet of our exchange. I changed his name to protect his confidentiality. 

John Doe:  Dr. Dave, I certainly would like to join Counselors of Color, but I am Caucasian and wouldn’t want to mislead anyone by doing so.  However, I would certainly want to welcome people of color into my practice – especially in times like these. I believe these are times when we need to focus on building community and unity. (more…)

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